I live in Norway, a country with a substantial winter where wool makes sense. I started to knit to stay warm in my on style – and I started really early developing that style. I have never stopped knitting and developing my own designs.

It all started the usual way; I learned to knit by my mom at an early age. Thanks mom!

After many years studying and working in international politics I needed to create something of my own form time to time. Knitting proved to be the only craft of mine that I could take on travels and do in airports and hotel rooms.

As so many fast knitters I ended up with more warm wooly things that me, family and friends needed and Etsy was the way to clear the knitting basket for finished projects!

Knitting my own designs has always been my favourite thing to do, and after being encourage by a publisher I started to write down my patterns to share. What a strike of luck! I have since been published in Vogue Knitting (US), The Knitter (UK) and in August 2013 my first knitting book “Knit Nordic” (Collins & Brown 2013) is available in the UK and online!

What a journey! And I have only just begun!

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