To love beauty is to see light

I am a rat – well, in Chinese astrology I am a rat. I love Ganesha, the wonderful remover of obstacles and giver of wisdom. Unlike other Deities, he does not ride a grand or powerful animal. It is the unglamorous rat who gets to serve Lord Ganesha. I am now happy to consider myself Ganesha’s rat.

I am an artist, and everything in my life revolves around art, spirituality, soul, and beauty. I have made things as long as I can remember. I was one of those kids who made all the birthday and Christmas gifts. I trained as a print maker, painter and mixed media artist. Everything in my shop is conceived and handmade by me – drawn, painted, printed, sewn, molded, and crafted in numerous ways.

“My studio is my temple” – Marc Chagall

I love my studio, I create in the company of an eclectic range of Gods and Goddesses and under the watchful eyes of the boss, Lord Ganesha. The space is filled with inspiring images, sacred objects, art books, and sandalwood incense. I am sustained by endless cups of strong tea and music ( Buddhist mantras, Hindu bahjans, new age, world music, classical, folk and blues)

My creative ideas flow from my spiritual life. I have for example many mantra related products in the shop – mantra jewellery, mantra mala pouches, mantra lavender sachets, mantra books – all born out of my love of sacred mantras. I am always looking for deities, sacred images and all sorts of spiritual things, and if I can’t find it, I try to make it. Many of the things I make started out with thoughts like: wouldn’t if be lovely if / wouldn’t it be great to / wouldn’t it be fun to…

I embrace a Shakti based spirituality, a spiritual path which views spirit and matter as one, and every part of creation as sacred and equal. I aim to infuse everyday life with soul, spirit and beauty. I hope Ganesha’s Rat may offer a little beauty.

“To love beauty is to see light” – Victor Hugo

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