Ellen Wilberg


My name is Ellen, and I am 28 years old.

Creativity has always been a huge part of my life, and I am never happier than when I create. I don’t always draw or paint, I also photograph and crochet a lot.

I love playing with watercolor, gouache and ink, often all together! Half the fun is letting the paint decide aspects of the paintings for me, and letting go. I fell absolutely in love with watercolor a few years ago, and have since been slightly obsessed with it!
A fellow artist once described my art as “tiny pieces of fairytales”.

Creativity became an even more important part of my life when I became chronically ill in 2009 and had to quit school. Art and creativity is my therapy. Art has connected me with new people, and it is giving my day to day life a purpose. When people buy my art, it shows me that my art does indeed connect with people, and that what I do matter!
Thank you for viewing my shop, and an extra big thanks to the people supporting me – you give me life.

ETSY shop: www.EllenWilberg.etsy.com


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