Paheli Designs

How it all started

I’m always at my most creative when I’m really busy. That is also how this whole thing started. I was working on my masters thesis, witch means that it’s only natural to try and find excuses not to write, when that is in fact what I should be doing. So, as I had about a month left until my deadline I got this great idea; using my grandmothers old buttons to make earrings!

I did it, and then I got yet another great idea: I should make an online store where I could sell these earrings! I did that too, on a Norwegian site called Epla. I also managed to finnish my masters thesis (thank god!).

After a while I started do experiment with other kinds of jewelry making, not very complicated, but I really liked it, and I actually made some sales! =) I will admit that a a few percent of those sales were to my mom.

Then I stumbled upon this wire-wrapping course on Craftsy. For the first time I really felt that I was making my own jewelry, I wasn’t just gluing stuff together, or attaching one thing to another.

I don’t have a studio where I work since this is just a hobby next to a fulltime job, so I usually create all my jewelry in my livingroom, at the same table where I eat my dinner. If I ever move into a bigger appartment though, I would love to have my own studio space where I don’t have to clean up everytime I’m in the middle of a new project.

I love color, which you can clearly see from the pieces I’ve made. I think it’s so true that color affects the way you feel, and I want to contribute to making people happier through my work. I also get inspired very easily, which is why you will notice a lot of different things and styles in my shop.

During the last year I have participated on a couple of fairs. It has been so inspiring meeting fellow artists and makers, and this is definitely something I want to do more!

ETSY shop:


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