Etched Passion

I am an professional visual artist who lives in Norway. Printmaking was my first passion, and since 1998 I`ve held more than 50 solo exhibitions with etchings and paintings in gallerys in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Israel and USA (Twice in Cælum Gallery, NY). I have participated in juryed shows around the world, fex 3rd International MiniPrint Triennial in Lahti, Finland, Jerusalemprint 2000 (Israel), where I was “The prize winning artist.”

These last few years I`ve mostly worked with paintings, but now I am back in my printmaking-studio, very passionated and making a lot of new prints.
I have started to send my art to international juryed shows again, and this summer / autumn I participate in 6 different Miniprint Biennials/Triennials in Canada, Irland, Bulgaria, Indonesia and Argentina.

Wish you all who are wisiting my shop a really beautiful day!

Love & passion,

ETSY shop:



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