Every day glory

Creative colleagues

We used to work together making props for a few Tv shows, and became good friends (maybe even more so when we learned that Anja’s great-grandmother used to work for Sigrids great-great-grandmother..)

Longing to be creative outside work as well, already spending a lot of time together, (and with a love for accessories and online shopping) we started Everyday Glory in 2008!

The name “Everyday Glory” is actually the name of a Rush song, and Anja is a big fan.

For the time being Sigrid works long hours making TV on different locations, so Anja tends to the shop. We still hook up ever so often to enjoy Sigrids homemade dinners (Yum!!)

And check out our Epla store (Norwegian) where we also combine shipping, and where we currently stock most of our bracelets: epla.no/shops/everydayglory

ETSY shop: www.everydayglory.etsy.com


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