I take pictures to document, to imagine and to breathe.

I’m Sonya and I come from the Cinnamon Beach.

I have masters degrees in philology and in pedagogy and I’ve had a flourishing career in educational management but I’ve always been a photographer at heart. So when the chance presented itself I grabbed it and flew away on its wings. I now live a slow and quiet life in the pine forest by the beach, accompanied by birds, the songs of the waves and my family.

If you meet me in person, chances are I’ll have a camera in my hand. To me, photography is a way of life and it is the main outlet of my creativity. I take pictures to document, to imagine and to breathe.

I specialize in photography and digital editing. I am inspired by nature and children’s curiosity. That is why I often inhabit my nature photos with tiny children who live in a world of their own, a world full of simple pleasures and timelessness.

I have a passion for creating thought provoking images that ignite the viewer’s imagination. I love the process of editing the photographs I’ve taken to turn them into unique artworks.

Every order is custom printed on demand. I love that Etsy gives artists like me the chance to have direct communication with clients. I strive to respond to questions and requests as soon as possible and if the time difference allows it (I live in Europe) I reply to messages within an hour.

Knowing that I can create something special for someone else on the other side of the world and that they will feel inspired just looking at it hanging on their wall is one of the most precious feelings.

My work is also represented by Fine Art America, home to the world’s greatest living artists and photographers. Click here http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/sonya-kanelstrand.html if you’re looking to purchase larger copies of my artworks matted, framed, printed on canvas, acrylic or metal, etc.

ETSY shop: www.kanelstrand.etsy.com



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