Pame Koselig


My name is Pamela, and I am a Mexican Expat that has been living in Norway for almost 4 years and a half.

I am a self-taught creator. I love to use my imagination and learn new skills by myself.

In fact I have been doing handicrafts since I was little. Meanwhile my mother was embroidering and working with glass beads in her spare time, I would always be around, being curios and asking questions, I think that helped me to love the art of crafting.

I am normally involved in several crafty projects,  because I enjoy to experiment with different media.

Fabric, reclaimed material, beads, metal, buttons, everything can be inspiring.

My creations are many times simplistic and colorful and, they try to appeal to kids and adults who are kids at heart.

I believe that my international background provides an eclectic mix into my creations and I hope you guys will enjoy them.


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