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Between tall mountains and a dark blue fjord on the western coast of Norway you’ll find a farm named after a man who lived hundreds of years ago. His name was Per, as is mine, and the farm’s name is thus “Pergarden”, the Per farm. I grew up on this farm as a link in the chain of many people gone before me. Because of its hills and mountainsides the local farmers work in rugged and hard conditions, so sheep has been the preferred animal to keep for many of us.

The idea of ScandinavianSkins and, as my Norwegian web shop is called, was born out of a wish to not only make use of the meat of our sheep, but also the hides. Norwegian sheepskin come in many shades of natural colors, and they differ in locke length and volume. When tanned by Norwegian tanners with generations of experience and well developed techniques, the sheepskins truly become amazing. It is completeley clean, super soft on both sides, and the wool is wonderful!

I started my small business selling 12 sheepskins the first year in business. About as much as I had hoped for. After that sales have doubled every year. Now I sell a lot through my Norwegian webshop, but more and more international customers are also finding my products on etsy.

After a couple of years of dealing in sheepskin, I started learning how to sew and make products of sheepskin. I was hooked! SUCH an interesting handcraft has to be further pursued. Now you’ll also find many handmade products in my shop, like pillows, rugs, wrist warmers, teddy bears, seat cushions, and the latest one, sheepskin saddles to cover a cold horse saddle during winter season.

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