Made in Norway ;-) New members blog. Trollsmed is in.

Hello all you people out there! We have a shining new blog!

Its a wordpress blog, and its for our members, and we can all publish our posts here. Hopefully it will be an interesting blog, with different perspectives, entertainment and showing what we make.

I am Lise – I am now making our TESTposting – to see if the blog works.Hopefylly it will be inspiring and interesting for all.

I am also a — Trollsmed, its a working title. A silversmith, beadmaker and artist.

This will be a small presentation of what I do,  for more, check my Page in this blog or my Facebook. My two shops Etsy…is one with beads and one with finished jewellry and art – and my viking beads, that I just reopened. I think its normal that lots of Etsy sellers open and close.. I had given it up.

Until I found this wonderful MadeInNorway Team! 🙂

NOW I have a place for my NORDLYS, Northern light, aurora borealis beads.


Lots of creative people this team  is looking in the same direction. So for NOW: Follow our blog by mail or wordpress! The more followers, the more inspiring… thre more interesting posts.

I have a PLAN… I will fill it with Norway-related items made with my techiques.I have just learnt how to do this:  I am working with some big brooches for 17mai (yes – you can mail me and ask to be updated)  Its not finished yet, but will be nice for 17 mai. I will make 3 sizes – with or without feathers and stash.


I also try to develop beads with motives from “helleristninger” that looks like stone.

Will come to my etsy jewellry shop trollsmed


There might come a few in my bead shop….


So follow us! I promise to have these things in my shop in a couple of weeks.


Have a nice weekend!

Lise, Trollsmed – follow me here:






And find us at Etsy!


Love! ❤

The made in Norway Etsy team