I feel so Munster-ish..

Hmm, how did it all start? ..I think I was born with a pencil in my hand. I’ve always wanted to create things, and I’ve always been a huge movie geek – with classic black and white horror closest to my heart. I guess it was in my nature to combine the two thing I love and have interest in.

In my shop you’ll find art made from the heart. Original pieces that I’ve always wanted to paint in my own style, mostly inspired by the many horror movies that I love, with the amazing actors that I never get tired of painting. Unfortunatley my days are filled with so much (and I suffer from FM) and I don’t have that much time or strenght to just sit down all by myself and just paint anymore. *curses*

Anyways, I’m open for commissions, and I’ll gladly answer any of your questions.  Just contact me and I’ll do my best.

Cathrine – Freelance artist and illustrator. Metalhead. Love horror, fantasy and sci-fi, history and ancient aliens. Moviegeek. Collects movie replicas. Supporter of the ancient astronaut theory. Spoonie thanks to fibromyalgia.

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Icons of Kipple

Kipple is a term I stole from the Sci Fi author Philip K Dick. I use it to mean a collection of odd and somewhat useless stuff.

I first started making boxes in about 1987, at the time I was using soldered tin (from food tins) plaster, wax, drift-wood, resin and lead.

My whole artistic practice stopped for a while after college, struggling to find a way to survive, busy with a rather experimental pop promo company I started, and finally with the Cranes, the band I had been playing with.

After recording six albums with them, touring the world extensively and nearly 8 years had elapsed, I found that I had a huge cardboard box, filled to the brim with “weird shit that I had bought on tour”. Mostly from gas stations, sometimes from tourist shops you go to on your few hours off, and sometimes strange gifts from fans. “Welcome to Maryland” stickers, miniature water pistols, glow in the dark Virgin Mary’s, dice, cards, comics (in all languages) pens, skulls, scorpions in resin. ALL SORTS OF TRASH!

SO… one day I was going through it and realized that in a somewhat unfortunate and tacky way, it represented my memories of the last few years, and as such deserved better display. I acquired some simple wooden boxes, and stuck it all in. Not in any particular order, (I couldn’t remember exactly where or when some of it had come from anyhow ) just randomly. I was very happy with the result, and was struck by the complete picture each box gave. Buddha’s were next to Jesus’, rocks from Arizona were next to shells from Seattle, free toys from McDonald were next to plastic Eiffel towers.

Now you can have one!

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Professional Violinist and Visual Artist.

Studied music at high schools and multimedia and webdesign and ……
Been in the final of some art competitions and had some exhibitions in Sweden,Norway,Hungary,Germany,Denmark and some exposure in art magazines
Selling original traditional art and prints.
I also do commission work.

Contact also at my website or thru my fb page

My prints are printed and Hand signed ,
Professionally printed at with archival pigment ink on acid free 100% cottonrag 350gsm thick natural white really lovely
Hahnemuhle Museum Etching paper.
This paper is a bit expensive but it’s so worth it.
The quality of it really adds to the prints.


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Etched Passion

I am an professional visual artist who lives in Norway. Printmaking was my first passion, and since 1998 I`ve held more than 50 solo exhibitions with etchings and paintings in gallerys in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Israel and USA (Twice in Cælum Gallery, NY). I have participated in juryed shows around the world, fex 3rd International MiniPrint Triennial in Lahti, Finland, Jerusalemprint 2000 (Israel), where I was “The prize winning artist.”

These last few years I`ve mostly worked with paintings, but now I am back in my printmaking-studio, very passionated and making a lot of new prints.
I have started to send my art to international juryed shows again, and this summer / autumn I participate in 6 different Miniprint Biennials/Triennials in Canada, Irland, Bulgaria, Indonesia and Argentina.

Wish you all who are wisiting my shop a really beautiful day!

Love & passion,

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Ellen Wilberg


My name is Ellen, and I am 28 years old.

Creativity has always been a huge part of my life, and I am never happier than when I create. I don’t always draw or paint, I also photograph and crochet a lot.

I love playing with watercolor, gouache and ink, often all together! Half the fun is letting the paint decide aspects of the paintings for me, and letting go. I fell absolutely in love with watercolor a few years ago, and have since been slightly obsessed with it!
A fellow artist once described my art as “tiny pieces of fairytales”.

Creativity became an even more important part of my life when I became chronically ill in 2009 and had to quit school. Art and creativity is my therapy. Art has connected me with new people, and it is giving my day to day life a purpose. When people buy my art, it shows me that my art does indeed connect with people, and that what I do matter!
Thank you for viewing my shop, and an extra big thanks to the people supporting me – you give me life.

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I am an indie artist, born in Norway above the Arctic Circle.

I love color, nature, and every living and moving creature, a passion, clearly visible in my illustrative art. My mixed-media work is vibrant and filled with incredible imaginative energy.

Everything in you see here is created from my original, copyrighted illustrative design work and art.

I spend most of my time as an artist in my studio/workspace/gallery, where I creates and exhibits art.
Visit my blog to have a look at my place:

I have a broad experience in art. I have exhibited my art in Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, England, Hungary, Russia, Poland, Germany and US.


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