It’s all about colours

I like to see where the real craft is visible in any piece I make , which is why I am constantly learning new techniques and trying to hone them. I strive to create something that last, with good care. That is the reason I spend so much time hovered over tiny things I can hardly see. I want them to stand against time somehow. Whether that is with wire, or a design of assembled beads on a string–it must feel like it could be handed over–in time. Therefore I use high quality material on wire and string, and choose other small things you might not see that adds quality and longevity to the piece.

I like to create my own chain, and use old techniques for that–or invent my own. This is time-intensive work, and the size of the chain will not always fit a more dainty look. Then I might use chains from one of my trustworthy suppliers. I will always tell you what has been done, and what parts of the piece I have worked on. I will also always inform you of metal and minerals. I work in a smoke free and pet free environment.

I hope you like what you see.

If you want to learn more about me and my process, I try to update my blog as often as possible.


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Handmade Norwegian Quality Jewelry
I am the sole designer, maker and photographer behind LisM. I enjoy creating affordable handcrafted jewellery using quality metals and gemstones. My jewellery is inspired by all the beautiful colors, shapes, and textures found in nature. I love the creative process of combining different colored gemstones and metal components to create unique, elegant designs.

I attribute my love of crafting to my mother and learned to appreciate the uniqueness of handmade, and the great satisfaction of creating something that is uniquely yours.

My studio is based in Fredrikstad, Norway. In addition to creating jewellery I love to paint, draw, photograph and create with my hands.

I am dedicated to creating a successful business and I strive to use materials, tools, and shipping supplies that are environmentally friendly. I hope you enjoy visiting my shop!