Sprogs And Sprouts

Three Girls, Three Corners of the World All Joined In The Middle…East that is!

The Sprogs & Sprouts story began, unbeknownst to us, several years ago in the deserts of Doha, Qatar. We girls would spend every Monday night at a different member’s home each week. We would eat a lovely meal, we would commune over projects whether it be knitting, crochet, spinning, or dying. We would talk of our latest travels and plans. It was warm. It was delicious. It was where we learned lots about knitting and where kindred spirits were knit together. We were a group of tremendous diversity and culture and the one thing we all found without fail is that the

the one language we all spoke together fluently was spun into yarn and stitches. Did you know that knitters can hold an entire conversation with each other on say a Tuk-Tuk through the mountains of Thailand and never speak a single word? We can learn and touch and form an instant friendship by simply clicking needles.

Several years after leaving the arid, shifting sands of Arabia, most members of our Doha Knitters group are spread far and wide throughout the world, but with technology today, that means nothing! Sprogs and Sprouts is no longer the passion, vision, or ambition of a single knitter, our founder Kelly (who is currently taking a break to focus on work and family). We are now three strong of some amazing knitters and fiber artists and we come to you from three different corners of the world! Karen is currently snowed in in the South Norway, Cheryl is sunning herself in Beerwah Queensland, Australia and Kelly is breathing the fresh Appalachian mountain air of Northeast Tennessee in the United States.

We hope that you will follow and love and shop! We thank you in advance!

Karen, Cheryl and Kelly

ETSY shop: www.SprogsAndSprouts.etsy.com

Finding North

Practical, modern and stylish

Hi, I’m Tale, and welcome to my shop!

My first proper craft project was a bedspread put together by over 100 individually knitted squares. While I knitted many of these myself, I also made my family and friends knit me squares whenever I could. The result was a big, homey and original bedspread filled with memories and love. I still have it and use it, 18 years later!

And this is what homemade items should be; durable, filled with history and above all else, made with love.

And that is what you can find at FindingNorth – modern accessories made with love and built on tradition. I want to create items that are not only stylish, but also practical and useful.

ETSY shop: www.findingnorth.etsy.com

Soilevuo arts and crafts

My shop named soilevuo art & crafts sells hand-made accessories like felted dreadlock inspired neckwear, handbag charms, hats and caps, foot and boot decor, reflectors with macrame cord, home decor, and assemblage art.

I am Finnish, born and raised in Finland but currently living in Norway. My style is a mixture of influences from Nordic traditions, nature and everyday life. My products are uncomplicated and unpolished, even rough when I work with nature materials like twigs, sea shells and horse chestnuts. I add a hint of silly and feminine touch when I work with fabrics, strong colors, buttons and ribbons. I want to be nature-friendly and ecological whenever I can by combining new and used materials, like used toys.

I am self-educated and have been developing my skills and imagination since 1983. My favorite materials are fabrics, sea shells, branches, fabrics, cord, beads, plastic toys, buttons, coins, horse chestnuts, leather and wool. I usually make only one example of each item. I trademark my works with my * S * -logo. Each * S * is hand written on leather with a pyrography pen.

I enjoy hammering and drilling holes into various materials. My special passion is sabrage and I use champagne bottle corks in my assemblage art.

A slide show of my past and present products is available at soilevuo.com

You will also find me at http://soilevuo.deviantart.com/

and in facebook https://www.facebook.com/soilevuoartandcrafts

The Soilevuo story

In the 1930’s, my grandma and her sister were young and unmarried, and they found themselves in a messy situation where they no longer were able to use their family name Stranden, which was their father’s name. They needed a new name. They invented Soilevuo as their new last name.

How and why Soilevuo, I do not know. Maybe as a variation of Stranden, maybe after war hero Siilasvuo, maybe just out of thin air they came up with this beautiful, one of a kind surname, which combines the female forename Soile with the common ending -vuo. The result is a fantastic, original name which does not come from any man, but from grandma to granddaughter.

In the 1960’s, before I was born, my grandma bought a Pfaff 360. She was talented in sewing but unfortunately her deteriorating health kept her from enjoying this hobby. Fifteen years later she died and I inherited both the machine and her passion in sewing, which I developed even further. I was devastated when in 2004 my dear Pfaff broke. My trusted repairman had retired and there was no one who could have fixed the machine which had served us so well.

In 2006 my life changed dramatically. As a way of coping, I began to work with materials from my everyday life: twigs, sea shells, plastic toys, horse chestnuts, coins. I try to find inner peace in combining new and used, recycling and upcycling, trying to turn something dull and ordinary into interesting and original, seeing beauty in ugly objects. In a true Soilevuo spirit, when in a tight spot, I invent a new life out of thin air.

ETSY shop: www.soilevuoartsandcrafts.etsy.com

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Gifts for the home



Some old, some new, some selfmade and some I have got

I am a Norwegian living in the town Drammen with my husband, close to the capital Oslo. My two grown-up daughters are about to leave for university.

I have had plenty of hobbies, most of them of the creative kind. My first sewing machine
was given to me when I was twelve years old, on the condition that I repaired my brothers’ jeans. I have always loved knitting, and the last few months I have started making jewellery, a hobby I also enjoyed as a teenager.

I have always taken good care of all my belongings and what I have inherited, but I appreciate that others will want to buy and use the shoes, scarfs, hats and other things that I no longer have any use of.

In additon to this Etsy shop I run a shop on a Norwegian website and spend much of my time constantly improving and updating both shops with new and…

ETSY shop: www.selfmadeandvintage.etsy.com


Early Influence

As long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in “making stuff”. I recall spending time in kindergarten drawing and at sixteen I was processing my own black and white photographs at my school’s darkroom. It was at that point the interest of composition and photography sparked and at about 19, I bought my own DSLR, which I still own and use frequently. I often have the photo camera with me, as I never know when the next great motive appears.

At an early age I also learned to appreciate nature as I grew up near a small farmstead with natural surroundings, which to a certain extent is reflected in my photography prints (apart from the animals). When I do nature and landscape photography I like to play a bit with colours, texture and light when I get the chance.

Even though I learned to knit as a kid, I didn’t care too much about it until the recent years. At this point, I’m addicted to knitting and can hardly go a day without working on a project. Part of it is that I occasionally need a bit of a break in my studies, but also because it to a certain degree calms me down a bit if I’m too stressed out. I like to play around a bit with different types of yarn and colours and I search various places for finding just the “right” yarn.

Having an Etsy shop enables me to have a creative outlet and an extra excuse to knit or do photography. In addition, Etsy have a great community and you learn a lot that you might not have learned otherwise.

ETSY shop: www.Vamperstein.etsy.com


A little shop dedicated to knitting and tentacles.

PhysaliaPhysalis was started august 2013, so I could sell my knitting patterns and pieces.

The Portuguese Man O’ War (Physalia physalis), also known as the Portuguese Man-Of-War, Man-Of-War, or Bluebottle, is a jellyfish-like marine cnidarian of the family Physaliidae. Its venomous tentacles can deliver a powerful sting. Despite its outward appearance, the Man o’ War is not a jellyfish but a siphonophore, which differs from jellyfish in that it is not actually a single organism, but a colonial organism made up of many minute individuals called zooids.

Cephalopods and jellyfish are a great fascination of mine and inspire me to be creative.

ETSY shop: www.PhysaliaPhysalis.etsy.com


Jenny’s handknitting

Mother of three and soon to be grandmother. I have always had a passion for handknitting, sewing and other handycrafts. I remember my first knitting project was a yellow baby cardigan for my godfather’s daughter when I was 7. Since then I have been knitting and sewing. I even made my wedding dress. I moved to Norway over 30 years ago and became interested in their traditional handknitted cardigans and sweaters along with bunads( National costumes).

After many years of knitting for family and friends, I now have the opportunity to share my crafts with you. Many of these items I have knitted are now being worn my by nieces and nephews, 30 years after I knitted them for their parents.

ESTY shop: https://www.etsy.com/no-en/shop/JennysHandknitting


Hilde knits

Hello, and welcome to my little one-woman enterprise here in my home in rural Norway. In my shop you will find an assortement of knit and crochet winter accessories such as mittens, socks and hats, all nice and warm woolies for that coldest time of the year.

Sometimes I also like to make other things, like cross-stitch Christmas cards or some “funky chicken” egg warmers for easter. Just watch and see what pops up!

Ever since I was little I’ve loved to do various arts and crafts, and when my aunt taught me to knit when I was about five years old, that soon became my favourite. Like many others, I started by making simple scarves and blankets for my dolls. As I grew up and learned more techniques, my projects got more advanced.

For many years my projects would become gifts for my family, but after a while that “market” was pretty much filled up. In 2001, I joined the local crafting society, Lørenskog Husflidslag, when I learned that a group of their members were running a small gift shop selling their handmade products. My woolies have become quite popular over the years.
When I discovered Etsy in December 2013, I immediately opened my own shop here. I think Etsy is a great way to reach even more customers, not only in my own country, but all over the world.

Norway isn’t the only country with cold winters, right? 🙂

Hilde 🙂

ETSY shop: www.hildeknits.etsy.com


I live in Norway, a country with a substantial winter where wool makes sense. I started to knit to stay warm in my on style – and I started really early developing that style. I have never stopped knitting and developing my own designs.

It all started the usual way; I learned to knit by my mom at an early age. Thanks mom!

After many years studying and working in international politics I needed to create something of my own form time to time. Knitting proved to be the only craft of mine that I could take on travels and do in airports and hotel rooms.

As so many fast knitters I ended up with more warm wooly things that me, family and friends needed and Etsy was the way to clear the knitting basket for finished projects!

Knitting my own designs has always been my favourite thing to do, and after being encourage by a publisher I started to write down my patterns to share. What a strike of luck! I have since been published in Vogue Knitting (US), The Knitter (UK) and in August 2013 my first knitting book “Knit Nordic” (Collins & Brown 2013) is available in the UK and online!

What a journey! And I have only just begun!

ETSY shop: https://www.etsy.com/no-en/shop/byEline