Sprogs And Sprouts

Three Girls, Three Corners of the World All Joined In The Middle…East that is!

The Sprogs & Sprouts story began, unbeknownst to us, several years ago in the deserts of Doha, Qatar. We girls would spend every Monday night at a different member’s home each week. We would eat a lovely meal, we would commune over projects whether it be knitting, crochet, spinning, or dying. We would talk of our latest travels and plans. It was warm. It was delicious. It was where we learned lots about knitting and where kindred spirits were knit together. We were a group of tremendous diversity and culture and the one thing we all found without fail is that the

the one language we all spoke together fluently was spun into yarn and stitches. Did you know that knitters can hold an entire conversation with each other on say a Tuk-Tuk through the mountains of Thailand and never speak a single word? We can learn and touch and form an instant friendship by simply clicking needles.

Several years after leaving the arid, shifting sands of Arabia, most members of our Doha Knitters group are spread far and wide throughout the world, but with technology today, that means nothing! Sprogs and Sprouts is no longer the passion, vision, or ambition of a single knitter, our founder Kelly (who is currently taking a break to focus on work and family). We are now three strong of some amazing knitters and fiber artists and we come to you from three different corners of the world! Karen is currently snowed in in the South Norway, Cheryl is sunning herself in Beerwah Queensland, Australia and Kelly is breathing the fresh Appalachian mountain air of Northeast Tennessee in the United States.

We hope that you will follow and love and shop! We thank you in advance!

Karen, Cheryl and Kelly

ETSY shop: www.SprogsAndSprouts.etsy.com

Paper polar Bears

Paper Polar Bears- from Metal Jewelry to Planner Stickers

In 2013 I started out selling metal stamped jewelry through my Fiverr shop, fiverr.com/tonjesorum when I was doing a year of community college in California. I really loved how I could personalize jewelry, and it seemed like my customers also did.

Later, this year I got real into pretty planning. I started designing and printing out my own stickers for my planner, and I wanted to share them. I started with my printable shop, as I had no way of cutting the stickers. I got very excited about the idea of selling physical stickers, and I ordered a cutting machine to try out this business!

I still have my printable sticker shop open (StampedMyHeartDigita), but I also opened a new shop for my physical stickers, PaperPolarBears. Thought the name was suiting, since everyone I talked to in California thought we had lots of polar bears where I came from when they found out I was Norwegian!

I am still in the beginning phase of this project that I am very excited about. It includes everything I love; photoshop designing, making something of my own, and shipping out orders to customers that´s waiting for my products to arrive. I love getting packages in the mail myself. It is probably my next to favorite thing, right after making things by myself.

I hope there will be a lot more to add to this story, and I have many plans for the future if this goes my way! (I really like the idea of starting a subscription/monthly surprise box!! :O)

ETSY shop: www.PaperPolarBears.etsy.com

Birch & Bike

Between nature and human made

Everything started a bit by chance. I always loved it to create stuff myself a bit because I like to use my hands to do stuff and a bit because I always looked for the personalized accessory. Sometimes I saw great stuff around but I often thought that something was missing. Maybe a little detail, maybe the color wasn’t quite right. So I taught myself to sew, to work with wood and other materials to make my own stuff. And then I made some for my friends and family until I decided to start visiting fairs and to open a little shop online.

Birch and Bike is a small batch affair, it’s still at its very beginning and there is still a lot I have to learn along the way. It’s a young project, it’s a one person adventure and slowness is kind of central in the whole process. I want to be able to control the process, to create things exactly like I want them to be, without any compromise.

ETSY shop: www.birtchandbike.etsy.com


I feel so Munster-ish..

Hmm, how did it all start? ..I think I was born with a pencil in my hand. I’ve always wanted to create things, and I’ve always been a huge movie geek – with classic black and white horror closest to my heart. I guess it was in my nature to combine the two thing I love and have interest in.

In my shop you’ll find art made from the heart. Original pieces that I’ve always wanted to paint in my own style, mostly inspired by the many horror movies that I love, with the amazing actors that I never get tired of painting. Unfortunatley my days are filled with so much (and I suffer from FM) and I don’t have that much time or strenght to just sit down all by myself and just paint anymore. *curses*

Anyways, I’m open for commissions, and I’ll gladly answer any of your questions.  Just contact me and I’ll do my best.

Cathrine – Freelance artist and illustrator. Metalhead. Love horror, fantasy and sci-fi, history and ancient aliens. Moviegeek. Collects movie replicas. Supporter of the ancient astronaut theory. Spoonie thanks to fibromyalgia.

ETSY shop: www.munsterish.etsy.com


It’s all about colours

I like to see where the real craft is visible in any piece I make , which is why I am constantly learning new techniques and trying to hone them. I strive to create something that last, with good care. That is the reason I spend so much time hovered over tiny things I can hardly see. I want them to stand against time somehow. Whether that is with wire, or a design of assembled beads on a string–it must feel like it could be handed over–in time. Therefore I use high quality material on wire and string, and choose other small things you might not see that adds quality and longevity to the piece.

I like to create my own chain, and use old techniques for that–or invent my own. This is time-intensive work, and the size of the chain will not always fit a more dainty look. Then I might use chains from one of my trustworthy suppliers. I will always tell you what has been done, and what parts of the piece I have worked on. I will also always inform you of metal and minerals. I work in a smoke free and pet free environment.

I hope you like what you see.

If you want to learn more about me and my process, I try to update my blog as often as possible.


Etsy shop: www.tomicraft.etsy.com

Soilevuo arts and crafts

My shop named soilevuo art & crafts sells hand-made accessories like felted dreadlock inspired neckwear, handbag charms, hats and caps, foot and boot decor, reflectors with macrame cord, home decor, and assemblage art.

I am Finnish, born and raised in Finland but currently living in Norway. My style is a mixture of influences from Nordic traditions, nature and everyday life. My products are uncomplicated and unpolished, even rough when I work with nature materials like twigs, sea shells and horse chestnuts. I add a hint of silly and feminine touch when I work with fabrics, strong colors, buttons and ribbons. I want to be nature-friendly and ecological whenever I can by combining new and used materials, like used toys.

I am self-educated and have been developing my skills and imagination since 1983. My favorite materials are fabrics, sea shells, branches, fabrics, cord, beads, plastic toys, buttons, coins, horse chestnuts, leather and wool. I usually make only one example of each item. I trademark my works with my * S * -logo. Each * S * is hand written on leather with a pyrography pen.

I enjoy hammering and drilling holes into various materials. My special passion is sabrage and I use champagne bottle corks in my assemblage art.

A slide show of my past and present products is available at soilevuo.com

You will also find me at http://soilevuo.deviantart.com/

and in facebook https://www.facebook.com/soilevuoartandcrafts

The Soilevuo story

In the 1930’s, my grandma and her sister were young and unmarried, and they found themselves in a messy situation where they no longer were able to use their family name Stranden, which was their father’s name. They needed a new name. They invented Soilevuo as their new last name.

How and why Soilevuo, I do not know. Maybe as a variation of Stranden, maybe after war hero Siilasvuo, maybe just out of thin air they came up with this beautiful, one of a kind surname, which combines the female forename Soile with the common ending -vuo. The result is a fantastic, original name which does not come from any man, but from grandma to granddaughter.

In the 1960’s, before I was born, my grandma bought a Pfaff 360. She was talented in sewing but unfortunately her deteriorating health kept her from enjoying this hobby. Fifteen years later she died and I inherited both the machine and her passion in sewing, which I developed even further. I was devastated when in 2004 my dear Pfaff broke. My trusted repairman had retired and there was no one who could have fixed the machine which had served us so well.

In 2006 my life changed dramatically. As a way of coping, I began to work with materials from my everyday life: twigs, sea shells, plastic toys, horse chestnuts, coins. I try to find inner peace in combining new and used, recycling and upcycling, trying to turn something dull and ordinary into interesting and original, seeing beauty in ugly objects. In a true Soilevuo spirit, when in a tight spot, I invent a new life out of thin air.

ETSY shop: www.soilevuoartsandcrafts.etsy.com

Fit for Vikings

Handmade beard care Fit for Vikings by a Viking

Over a decade I have been working with digital products like websites and apps, but lately I have been craving to make some more lasting and tangible products. So where to start? Well I have been spotting a beard for a long time, a decade or more. In the last few years I have been using a variety of beard care products, oils, balms, waxes and soaps. Some good and some not so good.

I am not gonna say that my products are better than the rest. I use 100% natural ingredients. The ingredients I use are some very expensive and therefor my products might be in the high price range for their category. All I ask for you before choosing an beard care product, from me or some other producer, is to investigate a bit the ingredients, Is the product using cheap oils like grapeseed or castor oils? Or if they use something like jojoba or Argan oils? And research a bit what different oils bring to the table.

Fit for Vikings started around the kitchen table, it is a family operation with great help from the wife and my son. Most important is that we have fun with this, we enjoy it and we love to interact and hear from our customers. So if you have questions or feedback then get in touch

Hjörtur Scheving
The Viking in charge

ETSY shop: www.FitForVikings.etsy.com

The Aldersworlds

Don’t look behind you, if you are not prepared to see something magic

The story of this shops kind of started when I was 6 years old and I made my first puppet. Due to an accident with my hand, the story almost ended when I was 18, before it even had began. Because of the accident I didn’t pursue my dream of becoming an artist, not before many years later, when life happened and I suddenly found myself working on my first art doll.

Ever since that day it seems all kinds of creatures from the alderworld knock on the door of my imagination, asking for being sculpted. Alas, not all of them can or want to stay with me, so this is why we agreed on opening this shop to make sure they can find the one person they are supposed to be with. Maybe you are one?

ETSY shop: www.theAldersworlds.etsy.com

Waiting for spring – making beads for VIKINGS in Norway

So, its here again. The snow.

Today is the 22th of february and due to Primstaven, we are expected to see snow melting from the underground, not only from rain and a few degrees celsius. Today is called Peder stol.

I had to throw away some heavy wet stuff – juicy fresh snow 😦  …  I`m sorry, thats quite boring.


Typickal me, I better find something more fun to do! Beadmaking! Crushing glass, by heating it, and throw it into snow.


Beadmakers always have glass stumps! Its the mix that matters.

It will crackle, and is easy to crush make frit from.

Frit is the stuff I use on my viking and helleristing beads and goddeses.  After crushing it has to be filtered and washed and tested.

Worked right, they will look a bit like stone, and look old..  thats what I want.

Dirty work… (while dreaming of spring and summer)… of course.

I have a great respect for Viking crafters, and beads and jewellry are important for vikings. Be sure that you buy handmade beads for your viking stuff. .. chinese were never vikings.. they only melt glass and metal and throw the pieces on the marked… one million of each item. No spirit.

Viking people today, are as the old ones 1000 years ago,  great crafters. rollsmed will always have a bead with small or big hole, THAT colour, rustic or unique  –  an individual bead for their project.  Archeologists has found a lot of beqads, I am alwasy thinking, how did the ones they did not find look. I am sure they had artists at that time too.  But today we can choose. I dont like to copy finds, or museum items.  I lke to be a beadmaker with my own beads in viking spirit. They make tools, hair decoration,  drums, clothes, toys, jewellry. With beads 🙂 (love you folks!)

And men buy their woman a bead 😉


So this is what I am working with. Making stuff by hand means alo a lot of testing and thinking before we can post things we make for sale at Etsy og Epla.

(OR bring it to the Viking market in Gudvangen Western Norway,  an Unesco world Heritage valley.)

… OH NO!! The summer is still faaaaaar away!  Time to make MORE beads. Or first and better: Finding out how will make them…  Thats the stage the copyists dont use time for…

Here are my beads with boats, fireprotectors, suncrosses and runes. Inspired from Helleristning and runes. More to come.


Melted down runes, or outside bead… hmmm..


So, look in my BEADshop – and wait for them spending time in my Facebook Page

My etsy jewellry shop has just reopened, it takes time to fill it…


My bead shop…. 🙂


So follow us! I promise to have these things in my shop in a couple of weeks.


Have a nice working week all of you! Dont forget to visit our TEAM page, linked under.

Lise, Trollsmed

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Love! ❤

The made in Norway Etsy team