Paper polar Bears

Paper Polar Bears- from Metal Jewelry to Planner Stickers

In 2013 I started out selling metal stamped jewelry through my Fiverr shop, when I was doing a year of community college in California. I really loved how I could personalize jewelry, and it seemed like my customers also did.

Later, this year I got real into pretty planning. I started designing and printing out my own stickers for my planner, and I wanted to share them. I started with my printable shop, as I had no way of cutting the stickers. I got very excited about the idea of selling physical stickers, and I ordered a cutting machine to try out this business!

I still have my printable sticker shop open (StampedMyHeartDigita), but I also opened a new shop for my physical stickers, PaperPolarBears. Thought the name was suiting, since everyone I talked to in California thought we had lots of polar bears where I came from when they found out I was Norwegian!

I am still in the beginning phase of this project that I am very excited about. It includes everything I love; photoshop designing, making something of my own, and shipping out orders to customers that´s waiting for my products to arrive. I love getting packages in the mail myself. It is probably my next to favorite thing, right after making things by myself.

I hope there will be a lot more to add to this story, and I have many plans for the future if this goes my way! (I really like the idea of starting a subscription/monthly surprise box!! :O)

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Birch & Bike

Between nature and human made

Everything started a bit by chance. I always loved it to create stuff myself a bit because I like to use my hands to do stuff and a bit because I always looked for the personalized accessory. Sometimes I saw great stuff around but I often thought that something was missing. Maybe a little detail, maybe the color wasn’t quite right. So I taught myself to sew, to work with wood and other materials to make my own stuff. And then I made some for my friends and family until I decided to start visiting fairs and to open a little shop online.

Birch and Bike is a small batch affair, it’s still at its very beginning and there is still a lot I have to learn along the way. It’s a young project, it’s a one person adventure and slowness is kind of central in the whole process. I want to be able to control the process, to create things exactly like I want them to be, without any compromise.

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Finding North

Practical, modern and stylish

Hi, I’m Tale, and welcome to my shop!

My first proper craft project was a bedspread put together by over 100 individually knitted squares. While I knitted many of these myself, I also made my family and friends knit me squares whenever I could. The result was a big, homey and original bedspread filled with memories and love. I still have it and use it, 18 years later!

And this is what homemade items should be; durable, filled with history and above all else, made with love.

And that is what you can find at FindingNorth – modern accessories made with love and built on tradition. I want to create items that are not only stylish, but also practical and useful.

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Fit for Vikings

Handmade beard care Fit for Vikings by a Viking

Over a decade I have been working with digital products like websites and apps, but lately I have been craving to make some more lasting and tangible products. So where to start? Well I have been spotting a beard for a long time, a decade or more. In the last few years I have been using a variety of beard care products, oils, balms, waxes and soaps. Some good and some not so good.

I am not gonna say that my products are better than the rest. I use 100% natural ingredients. The ingredients I use are some very expensive and therefor my products might be in the high price range for their category. All I ask for you before choosing an beard care product, from me or some other producer, is to investigate a bit the ingredients, Is the product using cheap oils like grapeseed or castor oils? Or if they use something like jojoba or Argan oils? And research a bit what different oils bring to the table.

Fit for Vikings started around the kitchen table, it is a family operation with great help from the wife and my son. Most important is that we have fun with this, we enjoy it and we love to interact and hear from our customers. So if you have questions or feedback then get in touch

Hjörtur Scheving
The Viking in charge

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Handmade Norway

HandmadeNorway combines my passion for sewing, beautiful fabric, pattern and colour. Whatever item you choose, you can be sure that you will receive one of a kind design using unique fabric that you will not easily spot elsewhere, be it modern, Scandinavian or beautifully sourced European vintage fabric. New items and designs are added regularly, so do keep checking back.

All my products are handmade and stored in my smoke free and pet free Norwegian home studio.
If you wish to have an item especially made for you, do not hesitate to contact me by sending me a message. Custom orders, feedback, questions and comments are all welcome!

Thank you for supporting handmade 🙂

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Black crane cration

To share beauty with the world

I have always been fascinated by animals and costumery. Ever since I I was little my mother would create costumes for me for the carneval each year in kindergarden and school. During my childhood I was a bat, a turtle, a native american, a viking, a butterfly and many more. Seing my mothers creativity sparked my own and led me on the path towards my own costumes. And when cosplay became a thing at conventions in Norway I finally got the chance to unfold that creative need.

I also have a passion for masks, giving me the opportunity to become something else, preferably something mystic or badass. It gives variety.
Most of my masks are asian inspired, with my own little twist.

I still do cosplay and it has been a wonderous journey to where I am now with many things learned both from success and failure, and I have never been afraid to share what I learned to others.

And then there is my other passion: Horns and antlers.
Being natural things their shape and pattern has always been a great source of wonder to me. For the body of an animal to arrange these wonderous shapes, often quite symmetrical, with a fascinating texture, is to me a thing of beauty.

It’s hard to explain why, but when you find a perfect spiral in a pair of sheep horns, or the elegant arcs of a catalina goat horn, or the smooth texture of an impalas horns, with delicate ridges, it is subtle, but it captivates my attention and makes me want to touch and feel.

And it makes me want to see others use them for costumes, fursuits and headdresses. I want to see them used, utilised and admired.

Antlers grow out each year and never look the same from year to year, and eventually fall off to regrow the following year, horns however grow during an animals entire life, but both leads to some amazing shapes.

In the beginning I attempted to make headdresses with real horns, but that turned out rather futile as horns can be quite heavy and rather dificult to handle. Also quite expensive.
So when I had the opportunity to make replicas of my horns arose, I wanted to share that with the world. Let others marvel in the beauty of horns and antlers with an affordable and lighter alternative that still offers the delicate texture of the originals.

That is what I want to give to the world.

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Some old, some new, some selfmade and some I have got

I am a Norwegian living in the town Drammen with my husband, close to the capital Oslo. My two grown-up daughters are about to leave for university.

I have had plenty of hobbies, most of them of the creative kind. My first sewing machine
was given to me when I was twelve years old, on the condition that I repaired my brothers’ jeans. I have always loved knitting, and the last few months I have started making jewellery, a hobby I also enjoyed as a teenager.

I have always taken good care of all my belongings and what I have inherited, but I appreciate that others will want to buy and use the shoes, scarfs, hats and other things that I no longer have any use of.

In additon to this Etsy shop I run a shop on a Norwegian website and spend much of my time constantly improving and updating both shops with new and…

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Early Influence

As long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in “making stuff”. I recall spending time in kindergarten drawing and at sixteen I was processing my own black and white photographs at my school’s darkroom. It was at that point the interest of composition and photography sparked and at about 19, I bought my own DSLR, which I still own and use frequently. I often have the photo camera with me, as I never know when the next great motive appears.

At an early age I also learned to appreciate nature as I grew up near a small farmstead with natural surroundings, which to a certain extent is reflected in my photography prints (apart from the animals). When I do nature and landscape photography I like to play a bit with colours, texture and light when I get the chance.

Even though I learned to knit as a kid, I didn’t care too much about it until the recent years. At this point, I’m addicted to knitting and can hardly go a day without working on a project. Part of it is that I occasionally need a bit of a break in my studies, but also because it to a certain degree calms me down a bit if I’m too stressed out. I like to play around a bit with different types of yarn and colours and I search various places for finding just the “right” yarn.

Having an Etsy shop enables me to have a creative outlet and an extra excuse to knit or do photography. In addition, Etsy have a great community and you learn a lot that you might not have learned otherwise.

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Liljekonvall Weaving

Tablet woven belts/bands for reenactment.

I started weaving when I had a job at a museum of archaeology. Little by little I became better at it, and I decided to start my own little shop and a Facebook page. Selling my creations works as great inspiration for me, as I see my viking reenactor friends and others wearing what I have woven.

If you see something you like, but would like it in different colours, material or length, let me know, and I can make something personalised just for you!

Be sure to check out my Facebook page, as this is the place where my work first shows up while I’m working on it or when it’s finished. There you can also find pictures from over the years of things I have made, and you can use it as inspiration, be it for a future order from me, or your own tablet weaving.


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Every day glory

Creative colleagues

We used to work together making props for a few Tv shows, and became good friends (maybe even more so when we learned that Anja’s great-grandmother used to work for Sigrids great-great-grandmother..)

Longing to be creative outside work as well, already spending a lot of time together, (and with a love for accessories and online shopping) we started Everyday Glory in 2008!

The name “Everyday Glory” is actually the name of a Rush song, and Anja is a big fan.

For the time being Sigrid works long hours making TV on different locations, so Anja tends to the shop. We still hook up ever so often to enjoy Sigrids homemade dinners (Yum!!)

And check out our Epla store (Norwegian) where we also combine shipping, and where we currently stock most of our bracelets:

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